Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seven Dying Women

Seven Women Dying

Seven Women Dying

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We wanted to a bit different activity for our weekly get together for fibre friends from Juan De Fuca Art aand Crafts Guild.
So we asked Monike Hawk-Frost  to demonstrated dying.
We used mainly Indigo and Onion kind.
First the fibres, ( we used wool, alpaca, and cotton) had to be pre soaked
With the onion skins, it was interesting how the colour and process time could be changed by adding moduns. Alum makes the colour “stick” to the fibre.
We added tums to counteract soft water, and alum a the catalyst.
The indigo was several chemicals to make it active. In the vat, it appeared a muddy brown colour, but when subjected to air, the chemical reaction makes it turns blue.
The more times you dip the fibre, the stronger the colour is.
Dipping once in Indigo then in Onion skins, would make  greens.

It was very informative and fun way to spend the afternoon.
During the day,I was able to show off two of my needle felted Figures
Ring bear-erSnow Owl 8 inches tallCaterpillar on a mushroom, from Alice in the Looking GlassHawk

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