Sunday, January 20, 2013

Journey to wellness

I have written about the accident I had in the store on the 27th Oct. I am still fighting to regain my health and mobility.
My leg was  damaged, my finger broken and my back severally injured.
I was in a wheel chair, then a walker and finally a walking stick. I am now walking slowly, but on my own power.dammaged leg
My frustration was coupled by the fact I had bought several fleece and had my loom warped set  to go and I could do neither I hobbled around hand
knitting from my stash of
weft one
hand spun and managed to get through ill Christmas.
The rubber hit the road when My family bought me and my son tickets to Smithers as a Christmas gift. I had a bit of a night mare journey up their and their kindness accommodated to my disability.
2012-12-25 10.16.10
I had heard of the Bowen Therapy and I had a friend who was a practitioner in Duncan, Nanaimo and Chemainus.
I phone her and we set up an appointment.
The movements were so gentle and subtle that wonders how this will ever help a person.
The first thing I notice on the journey, was that the following day. Felt worse than I had before taking the appointment.
The following day, I noticed the pain and stiffness in my legs were slowly getting better, movement was easier  I could do a bit of house work and bath without a helper.
During the following days, nothing really seemed to be happening. However Melayne Walker, the therapist, had mentioned that my hamstrings were tight.
Yesterday, I found they were loose and easy to stretch.
The back is starting to respond   I cannot touch my toes and bend or carry yet, but the pain is less. I have been med free for 3 days now. I noticed when I had the treatment , that my spine was warm up to the area that hurt, there I could feel my pulse quite strongly.
I have another appointment on Monday so stay tuned and join me on my journey. If you want to talk to Melayne and take the first step to wellness look at her website.

Day 6.
Well I pushed the envelope today. I couldn’t sleep last night. I had a raging thirst. ( this will not surprise Melayne)I went to the hockey tournament and was on duty for 4 hours in a hard chair.
I took some dryer balls to needle felt.Sierra Exif JPEG
I may have to take a pain pill tonight.
I have my next appointment on Monday. Stay tuned to hear about the results.
Day 7.
I slept in this  Am. That is until two wet noses decided they had enough of that.
I did another 4 hour shift at CARHA today, but this time I walked around he little press booth  every half hour. This was much better. Not so hard on the back. Each year I do radio support for the tournament and each year it falls on my birthday.
I tease the organizer that they will have to put a candle in the timbits they give me ( They always have a box of timbits in our  station.) They use every ice rink in the greater Victoria Region.
I had told them I could not carry the radio sett up up and down the stairs, so I walked into an operating station.
When Neil came to take my station down  he brought me a cinnamon bun. Complete with candle2013-01-20 16.12.15
Week 2 day 1.
I was really disoriented when I had finished my therapy today. I put my pants on inside out, twice!
Then I straightened out, found myself very thirsty and very hungry.
I have more energy and more ambition than I have had for some time.
The pain in the back is ABSENT when I am sitting. I will see where we go from her.
Three things though: the balls of my feet hurt. I have a medium mild headache, my sinuses are pouring into the back of my throat.
Day 2. No head ache today. clear and feeling well. pain in back a bearable degree so no pain medication. The sinuses  are still draining but more slowly. Still thirsty so drinking water , and most of the night was spent either going to the bathroom or clearing flem from my throat. Seems like my body is ridding toxins.
Great energy today. No pain on standing. I cooked an elegant oyster dinner standing up. Things are getting better by leaps and bounds.
Day 3. Pain in the right kidney area. bearable. The legs are doing well. I have energy and enthusiasm for life. No more dizzy spells’
The thirst has slacken though I am still drinking lots of water. Still optimistic about full recovery.
I will be two weeks before my next appointment.
Later that afternoon. Melayne, you forgot to give me the slow sign. I felt so good, I cleaned, house, made bread, Spun 2 skeins of wool on the spinning wheel, went routing in the shed for fleece. Washed 2 sinks of fleece. Made 30 dryer balls. Washed the dog and made the bed.
Now I am in a bunch of pain. I kind of think I did too much.

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