Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Waiting Season

This time of the year is a time of quiet reflection, thoughts of the past and hopes for the future.
But until that future gets here, we are in the waiting season.

I have friends in the sun zone waiting to come home, people in the cold North, waiting for a warm holiday.
Some of my friends are waiting for Dr's results.

My son is waiting for snow so he can go skiing. Another son is waiting for a visa, so he can travel.
Someone else is waiting for a jog, others waiting to retire.

My dog is waiting for a walk, and my neighbour with a bad knee is waiting for a bed in the hospital.

I guess the trick is using this time constructively.

Make a list of all your UFO ( un-finished objects) time line them to finish them. Don't make it a marathon, just pick at them while you wait.

Write those letters to people you didn't get around to at Christmas, print the pictures that you would like to show off, don't just

Time passes when you are busy.

While you are at it, look for a few new hobbies you might like to embrace.  Check out online catalogues, read blogs from others who are doing what you are thinking about.

And if all else fails read. Books can open up doors. Adventure, travel, science fiction, history. I think one of the greatest gifts I have is the ability to read. For this gift, I thank all he teachers who gave me this gateway of adventure and escape.

There are so many books, so many adventures.
If you got a reader for Christmas there are thousands of free books on the internet.

Many new authors will allow their first book for free, hoping you will purchase the sequels or books by the same author.

The classics are one line from the Gutenberg press project.

Waiting is a stall, a time of nothing. Being suspended in time. Turn the waiting game into Production, Enjoyment, rest and renewal.

Me? I am waiting for Spring to go in the garden.

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