Saturday, December 3, 2011

It is Getting Closer

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and I seem to be falling behind on all my brave efforts.

I have finished socks, slippers, scarfs, thrummbed slippers and mitts, toques for my charity knitting, a cast sock(ask me if you want the pattern, This is a sock like piece with open front for velcro around the leg.) for a friend who just broke her leg so now her toes won't turn blue.

I have only one more **bought gift** to purchase ( that makes a total of two)

We have decided to buy a live tree in a pot this year, no more Charley Brown Tree.

 I have ornaments I bought as the kids were growing up. One each year and usually related to what the family was doing. I used to buy an ornament for each of the children and put it away for them. When they went out on their own, they at least had a few decorations. The last ornament that goes on out tree is a small drum that came from England with us.

I am having one battle this year. I am knitting a sweater on my bulky machine  with hand spun Jacob yarn.

The yarn knits up well, but I am having a problem getting the tension and the size to work together. I don't have a pattern so I am using Design-a-knit.The fight will continue when I get home.

We are off to The Saanich Historical Artifacts Society Pot Luck Lunch and meeting today.

The Christmas in the Village is a subject for another post.

So we made  home made raisin and cinnamon  bread, and stuffed eggs, and I  am sallying forth in the
 -1 weather.

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