Monday, November 14, 2011

An Unexpected Sun beam

I woke up this morning to sunshine!. After the weather guru's had told us that we were in for at least a week of storms. What a pleasant surprise.
My little companion, Chelsea, absolutely gave her whole being to the gift of the day.

 She ran and jumped and played in the sunbeams, and demanded to play with her Elk hound friend.

I had to do some shopping so I dropped her off at her friends house and they played outside.

She is 12 inches high but has inner bigness. She seems to be afraid of nothing and everyone is her friend.

She is too short to turn the motion detector on at night unless she does a giant leap in the air in just the right place.n She has this trick down pat.

Her type is called a Chi-hon. Bred from a Bison Frise and a flop eared Chuauha.  The thinking is that by selecting breed for good qualities: long life, temperament, lack of allergy producers and other thing. It is hoped  that will get a breed will develop that is not cursed with the interbreeding of today.

After eight generations are bread to type, they will be possibly registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

She is seen here with her friend from Fort St. John with her Burmese Mountain Dog called Riley.

She continually delights and amuses me. I am so glad my son found her for my birthday. Thank you Chris.

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