Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thought for a Fall day

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
The cool wind has driven the heat from the days, and we are snuggled around our pellet stove.
I have made curtains and door snakes to keep out the wandering drafts.
My little dog Chelsea, is cuddled close to my side, resting from celebrating her 1st birthday with doggie cookies and a chew bone.
I have started to use the Jacob wool I have been spinning off and on all summer.
I think I have enough to knit John his Christmas sweater.
It is a good feeling to have Christmas in hand. Last year I worked myself into a frenzy.
My parcels are being taken up to Fort St John for the grand children by my friend Michelle.
She has shared some of her excitement with me this week as she is preparing Vintage Alley. A store in Chemainus that will be a pickers paradise. Cubicles will be rented to collectors and of course some of my handicraft will be for sale as well as a few bits for Artifacts.
I started a new facet of my fibre fetish tonight with needle felting. The results were some classy looking dryer balls and three stabbed fingers.
It reminds me when I started machine knitting under the tutorship of Joyce Wasden of Joyces Knits. I stabbed my finger so often that Chris commented :Mom I didn't know knitting was a blood sport.
I will do a bit more spinning on my antique Sifton Wheel. It's deep roots in Canadian history is a subject for another day.


normz2 said...

Beautiful blog Patty.
I am sure that you have made good use of that spinning wheel.

Tropical Twister said...

enjoyed reading your blog ... I have a Mason wheel, cousin to the Spin-Well. Have a passion for chair wheels ....


Tropical Twister

patty-anne said...

I use my Sifton whenever I want to do really fien spinning. It seems to do long draw better than my Ashford. I can also take it with me without having to reset everything when I get there.

It is study, reliable and a work horse.

I did just meet a really nice silk wheel that has a wonderful smooth wurm drive in the wheel. Man that wheel was a treat to treadle.