Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeling Better and Moving on

Being laid up for 8 days just when spring starts out to tease us is not fun. My might was creating, thinking, plotting and planning.
I finally got up the strength to clean some of my house today. It was either that or put a sign on the door that said Fibre Farm, tread caImagerefully.
At least I had a chance to try more needle felting while I was under the weather.
I started out with a teddy bear made with directions made from an excellent book Ashford’s Book of Needle Felting.
I already sold his little brother.

Then using a picture of a friend’s dog I tried a Boston Terrier.


I made fellow. A  rabibit child pulling a toy sheep with wheels was next . I added a blue Canadian Duck, a powder bowl with a Couple of felted fragrance balls
. I am making a lot of dryer balls. These eco friendly alternatives to fabric softener or horrid blue petro carbon balls.
Then I thought I would knit and felt some bowls and embellish them with needle felting .
.So although I was not feeling terrific, I did manage to do a bit of creating.
I took on another project while my feet up, I started the webdesign for Juan De Fuca Arts and Craft Guild. Check it out and leave feedback.http://juandefucaartsandcraftguild.wordpress.com/

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