Saturday, June 2, 2012

Western Command Heritage Acres

Western Command May Weekend 2012

Western Command May Weekend 2012
It was a perfect Saturday for the FIRST (hopefully) ANNUAL WESTERN COMMAND FIELD DAY.
This is the first time the group has come t Heritage Acre, so we did not know what to expect. They arrive in bit and pieces on Friday and set up camp. The set up too little time. It was obvious that this drill had happened many times before.

The  sleeping quarters, mess tend NCO tent, Hospital,Quartermaster, radio-communication tent and motor pool, were up in what seemed minutes.
This displays were contributed from Vancouver Island and the Mainland too.
This was no light task as you see some of the vehicle sizes. and the cost as well as fuel.
The gear and vehicles were from the WWll Ara as well as other conflicts as well as Viet Nam.
I find it odd to think of Viet Nam as part of history. It seems like a few months ago I had friends and comrades who were being deplored to Nam or Cambodia. Many never came home. And many who did come home were changed forever.
I hope that displays and stories such as these men and women share and represent carry a message.
The first that we must never forget that the freedoms we enjoy were bought at a price. A High price. The blood of Service Personnel from our allied Forces and our own who’s names are written in blood in a hundred foreign places.
The second is the fact that war has solved nothing. For the emotional loss, the personnel loss, the financial loss and the circumstantial loss, we still all lost.
Having said that, we can be assured that as long as there is injustice, as long as people are suppressed and abused, The brave Men and Women of the Canadian Forces will be there to protect our freedoms and fight for what is right, just and fair.
By remembering the past, we can hope to change the future.
My Dad, who was a British Commando during the second WW, said to tread lightly, but carry A BIG STICK.
To all our serving members past and present. Thank you

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