Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Four Women and a Man with Warped

Anyone who has followed my log has read about
Lorna Margaret (Colwell) Allen.  She is the author of “Thursday Child”and has donated the loom and accessories to the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society. Well we got the loom from the attic and had a good look at it.
Oh dear. It need a lot of TLC. It had rotten cords, a busted shaft, no hoImageImageImageImageoks for the treadles, of course no manual.
Catherine Mick
Then we got some terrific help from  Member’s of the Victoria Hand Weavers and \Spinners in the was of Catherine Mick and Della Wilkins and Glen and Judy Moores from Deep Cove Spinners and weaver.
Over the last couple of weeks, we have scrubbed, repaired, and got a starting a warp on the the loom.. Soon I was looking  around the museum to see what else could fit into our display.
I found a 70 year old ironing board, made by a fellow for his wife, An iron, that you build a little fire in it and it gas a chimney. There is a  dressed dummy with an 1800 taffeta gown
Then I found a prefect 1850 Bell Sewing Machine made in 1850 in Montreal. A  galvanized tun, that would do for washing fleece in the old days, Some awesome posters from the BC Museum and a woven chair,
A couple of comfortable chairs, for the knitters who may be there, two spinning wheels, wool winders, swifts, It grows and grows.
It is exciting to see the domestic arts being celebrated.
Out big opening will be at the 15th of September where we are hopeful that
Lorna Margaret (Colwell) Allen will be there to cut the ribbon.
We  have a couple of rug hook frames, so we need some tools and it would be great to get a quilting frame in the “Loft ” also. That is for the future.

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