Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Overhauled You.

Can you see how moving ahead in your evolvement of the you that is hidden in you is a series of  interlaced modules, get the finances in order. Make more time for growth and pleasure by uncluttering your life with dead wood relationships.

Let’s look at the next of part of butterfly emerging from the cocoon.

 As a child we are taught to take second place. When we had company, the rule was FHB. (family hold back) to make sure enough food was there to go around and the basic good manner that guests are served first.

We are asked to be quiet till invited to say our piece then allow the adults to toss  the conversation ball.

Often we wore hand me downs.  We always stood for adults. Basic manners were strictly adhered to. But as we proceeded to Adulthood, we took those messages with us.

As wives and mother, we made daily tiny sacrifices. The extra peach half from the can would go in dads bowl. If there was a cash crunch, kids in school would get new shoes to go back to school. Mom would make do.

At Christmas and birthdays, presents of much wanted items would be purchased some way for our loved ones, and we would smile at the macaroni, stuck on a jam jar and say “ Oh that is wonderful darling, I love it.” That was true. It was gift of time spent with us in mind. But the basic message is we don’t deserve to have the lion’s share of the disposable income.

Now the fledglings are out of the nest, and our clothes are “good enough”. Our hair looks nice as it did when  we were married wearing   a similar style.
We have still a bit of blush we bought 4 years ago to wear with our medium shade of base.
And you have probably figured the message out that we have become shabby and stale and out of date.

You can go to your stylist and say" a hair cut please", and she will dutifully give you the same jaded took you have worn for years.

My wake up was a gift certificate to an unknown Spa, Stylist Shop
I went in at my usual perm time and ask for a perm with a trim after.
The stylist ran experienced fingers through my hair and said,"You don’t need a perm. You need a good hair cut”

Well that was nearly four years ago and I have not had a perm since. The stylists talented, experienced fingers, saw me in a new way and cut years off my face. We added a few highlights that brought the sun to my drab mousy hair.

We looked at make up with the mineral base and colours that matched my older skin, and made it look younger, fresher and clean.

I had lost a lot of weight and my eyes were sunken in my face, making bruised sockets in my face.
She convinced me to go to a free consultation with a esthetics specialist.

The result was a bit of filler in the baggy  hollows under my eyes and BANG another 5 years evaporated from my face.

Then I attacked my closet as I described in Miss Minimalist. I uncluttered my wardrobe, added a few well chosen pieces following her guidelines.

Then  I just put my hand in the closet, a Voila, a matching outfit that makes me feel well dressed and smart and it all matches. My closet is neater, less clutter, and stylish.

What did all this transformation cost me? Counting the stylist consultations, New hair style,  new hair and face product, a little filler to make my face look  less stressed and tired, new additions to my wardrobe.
It was all under $700. Not bad investment for the rest of my life.

Now what is stopping you?

You have a ton of excuses. It is greedy, I don’t deserve it, people will laugh at you or tease you. HOGWASH!!

After all the sacrifices throughout your life, you have earned it.

You will become a happier, more confident and more stylist person.

Life coaches usually charge $200 for initial consultation, and a choice of three areas to explore first. Each session will be a professional hour, with email and phone support and adventures, or home work to strengthen your gifts.

As you explore who you are, you may want to add more modules to your portfolio. These should be $25 with the same initial time and follow up.

Now it is time to look at some of the other areas I mention. I will let you explore those areas on your own or with a life coach. “Here’s looking at you.”

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