Thursday, May 31, 2012

100 Mile Fibre Fair

morning, Isabel, picket up Rosalie, Pat and myself for a sunny ride to Coombs.
The object of the day was to attend the 100 Mile Fibre Fair.
This was amazing how much and how many types of fibre is grown in the Islands. 
We found raw fibre, roving, dyed and natural, spun fibre, knitted articles and new ideas.
After feeling the gentle Alpaca, the shimmering Kid and Angora, one tends to feel wool nd find it a lot rougher in nature, though in fact it was not.
The silks were in a rainbow  of colour and luxury.
Lucky for me, the Vendors all had little signs that said touch me. And I did for about 4 hours. I did buy as well. No one could resist the seductive fibre.
The colours were stunning and the mind kept saying, I could spin that, I can knit that, I just have to have a bit of that.
I saw Vendors came from Tofino, North Island, South Island and the Gulf Island.  All within 100 miles.
I will let pictures tell the rest of the story.

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