Friday, June 15, 2012

Esquimalt 100 Years

100 Years for Esquimalt

100 Years for Esquimalt
|When Victoria became the capital of BC 150 years ago, they land based military protection from Albert Head and Fort Rudd Hill .
It was 50 years later that the the Royal Canadian Navy Established itself here.
It is  ritual now to have the Annual Buccaneer  Days.This covers about 3 days of celebration.
We were involved with the Parade held on the Saturday.
Several Vehicles from Saanich Historical Society had two entries, Norm Smith and his 60 year old Transit Bus,
and John Walls and His 1969  Fire Truck
Here are some scenes of the Blackstone of the parade.
The week before, we were in the Oak Bay Tea Party Parade and Next week it will be Sidney July 1 Parade.

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