Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flu and Garden Season

Next year I will not miss my flu shot. Seven days of nearly drowning in my own juices, and even keeping my dog awake all night with my  coughing.
We finally look like we might have Spring.
The little plants in the greenn house are looking happy.
We try and plant around 24 May  so they are in protection for another month.
They were very late in germinating and sprouting. I guess 7, 9, 11 degree temperatures are not conducive to gardening.
While I was off my feet, I experimented with some needle felting.
I found I really enjoy this . I have a few pieces done now and  hope they will be appealing to custom
ers and find new homes.
I got a nice order for dryer balls, so they are all set to go. I have a variety of colours.
Chelsea is getting tires of not having a real mom to play with. She wants the old mom back.
Talking with my daughter in law today, she says she tried to live a year buying only Canadian products.
She was not able to o
it. Even with diligent shopping, a whopper of a garden and doing all her
own bread and baking.  Maybe we should start bringing some jobs back to Canada.
I read two article this morning. One was that some balls, when bitten open by a dog, can ooze a nasty goo that will plug up their mouth and can
choke your pet.
Right I make food and biscuits. Now balls. THEN, I read one about US milk . Well there I draw the line.
I am proud to say that Canada would not allow the milk producing hormone to infiltrate out milk supply. Way to go Canada Island Farms Forever.
I have sadly neglected my blog. Will try better in future.
Product alert! There are tennis balls made by Tretorn called “Tretorn X” that contain an inert substance which presumably helps with the bounce. However, when the dog pops open the tennis type ball while chewing, the substance makes a terrible gooey mess in their mouth and presents an aspiration hazard.. Here is a picture of one exposing the material inside.It seems that the material is non-toxic. However, it still presents a potential injury problem

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