Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Healthy and Economical for our Pets

Well today has laid me low. I had a good post of pollen and now I have laryngitis and a nasty bronchial cough. No energy and no imagination.

So I thought I would write a few bits of things that I do to spend my time.

I have a dog called Chelsea. 

I have read so many recalls on animal food, that I make all her food myself. 

The advantages are that I know what she is eating, and it is more economical than commercial food.

Her protein portion is a meat loaf style cooked meat that I make up every week. 

  I start with extra lean beef. I usually put it in water for an hour to reduce the red colorant  is that is used to make meat –ľore red and appealing.

I add steel cut oats, either brown rice or Aquino ( both precooked often left from my meal. 

 I add an egg, brewers yeast, ground carrots and either peas, or pumpkin. Then I bake till cooked and ready to give her a portion.

For her biscuits, I start with 1 cup raw cut oats and 1 cup of corn meal.I add one cup of boiling liquid. Let it sit 15 minutes.

 The liquid  can be water, if I want to add bullion for flavor, but I rather use homemade chicken broth or fish broth or boiled liver pureed in water heated and added.

 I like to add lentils if I have any left over or chopped celery.

I add 2 cups of coarse ground whole multi grain. Kneed for a few minutes. roll and cut out. and bake for 30 minutes  at 325 degrees. Then turn off oven and let them dry.

These will last at least two weeks, longer if thoroughly dry in a dehydrator.

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