Monday, December 12, 2011

Christ among men

I  was in Victoria one January. It was the bitterest coldest day I had experienced for a long time.

 I was walking down Douglas Street and in front of me was an old man. Obviously a street person. He had a metal walker to aid his walking. His hands were blue as he held on to the only thing that supported him.
The good folks walked around as he shuffled along, most managing to look the other way so they couldn't see his suffering.
Then from one of the office complexes came a young man of about 35 years.
 He was dressed for success. Beautiful camel hair 3/4 length coat, scarf, Italian type shoes and lovely leather gloves.
As he walked towards the old man, he pulled off his gloves, and pausing only long enough to pries the old chaps hand off the walker and  placed the gloves in the old chaps hand.Then he quickly walked away.
I felt for a moment closer to God than I had ever felt in my life.
I had witness Christianity in action with this man's humanity.
He will never know, but he changed my life that day.

Now each year purchase  6 pairs of gloves that fit all. One pair for each of my six children  who are warm and dry.

I pass them to anyone I see with cold hands, street kid, old person, school child. It doesn't matter. If they look cold the get handed a pair of gloves and I whip away as quick as I can.

I try and knit as many toques as I can for the Street Link projects.
I will never be as gracious as that man on that bitter day, but if we all try a little bit. 

He will walk his usual path through life, not knowing the profound effect he had on me. 

We too, may change a life. Lets give it a try this year.

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