Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas in the Village

I am a volunteer and director of the Saanich Historical Artifact Society.
 This is a museum on Saanich just out of Victoria that is dedicated to **Preserving The Past, To Insure The Future**
We have four major events during the year, but today I want to tell you about" Christmas in the Village".
There are 20 buildings on 23 Acres of land.
 The Christmas event is held on Dec 9,10, and 11 and again on Dec 16, 17 and 18. Gates open at 5 and ends at 8. Just in time to get the sleepy heads home to bed.
A map can be found at
Different`t clubs and groups from Scouts to Shriners decorate the buildings.
People are given a voting paper when the enter and can cast a vote for their favorite and we award prizes to the winners.
The usual favorite are the narrow gauge trains that run over a mile of decorated track. This is quite wonderful as they go over  bridges and through tunnels. They as for a small donation to help offset the cost of the fuel. They line ups seem long, but soon are service with a train ride in wonderland.
The next stop is usually the walk to visit to the Newman boat house.
 You get there through Candy Cane Lane.This is a project of Tamara. She bring truck after truck load of snow from behind the ice rink and makes sure wealways have a white Christmas.
In the Newman building is an old fashioned candy store with of scales, till, and bottles of sweet. All decorated up.
There is a tiny village with buildings 7 inches high, Then a teddy bear boat, an Angel loft, s story telling corner and the BIG GUY himself, Santa.
For $5 you get a picture with Santa.
We try to encourage the family to all be in the picture, Our theory is that we are building a community, one family at a time. Of course everyone gets a candy cane.
After Santa, then it is a walk through the streets where the Carolers are singing and entertainment is on hand and pick you favorite display.

Next stop the 1913 School House where volunteers offer  coffee, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, hot dogs, soups, and Alex`s famous Chili with bread.
The meal is finished up with a wide selections of sweets.
There is no less expensive way for a family to celebrate Christmas and its magic.
So we see parents, young couples, families and grand parents enjoying that special time of the year.
I will be behind the lens taking picture for Santa. We print them within a half an hour.
When you come it tell me you follow my blog. Merry Christmas for Christmas in the Village

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