Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Minimalist

I am reading this book and it makes a lot of sense. As our passions and hobbies change, we hang on to the trapping of the forgotten crafts, hobbies or projects.It is time to move on and make room for you.

First remember we do not have to make a career out of this. Tackle a small area at a time. Invite a friend who can be less emotionally involved.

Even getting rid of one item a day, will make your world 365 articles lighter.

We keep receipts, pictures, children's school art, dusty crafts and other memorabilia.

Her suggestion is scan most of it into the computer as a PDF file if paper matter, bank statement etc. Scan pictures and share with family members. Un-tether yourself from paper. This will make you spend a couple of rainy days doing the scanning, but what a load you will lighten in your home. And you can sort by file on the computer for easy retrieval. Remember to back up to a DVD though.

If you have papers or magazines creeping up on you, evaluate the subscriptions. Often you can get the copy on line, or read the news on line.

With the paper, shred it, and put it in your compost, or if you don't have one, I am sure a neighbour does. Don't send it to the landfill.

Next look at your wardrobe. How many clothes do you need.. want for that matter.

 How many are skinny clothes that "one day you will fit again." My theory is if I lose that  much weight, I deserve new clothes.

If you haven't worn it for a year, you probably will not wear it again.
Anything stained, ripped of ugly goes.

Starting a wardrobe around a basic colour ;black, navy ,tan for skirts and slacks will give you the option of picking out some attractive tops, shirts, top with sweater, scarf and jewelry and you can cut out frumpy days completely. Then you will have at least half your wardrobe back.

How many shoes do you need.
This is addressed mostly to the females. We need a good pair of cross trainers, hikers, boots, flats, small heel and one pair of dressy heals. Now if we multiply these by 2 colours, we have cleared our another third of the closet.
I find that a lot of thrift stores are not taking donations. I am not surprised by this because their prices, now will match a new similar article. I think someone needs to tell them we are in hard times.
The services that help street people are much more accepting of donations.
Failing that, look for a weaver or a weaving shop like in Fairfield or The Loom at Cobble Hill. And your cast offs will be transformed into beautiful re-purposed articles like rag rugs.

I am a fibre addict. I have a stash of yarn, fleece, spun yarn, that would do a store proud.

Every year I make a commitment to knitting hats, mitts and sweaters for the street link. Last year I mange 40 hats. I also do slippers that are fleece lined for chemo patients, older folds, and members of the CN.

I still need to lighten my stash so two huge boxes are going to the Victoria Spinner or weavers guild next Thursday.

The next area I want to attack is my nick knacks.. you know those cutsey presents the kids gave you in
 grade 3 or brought home from camp. Take pictures of all these treasures, take them into another room. I mean everything.

One by one, bring an articles in the room. Try them in different places in the room, even a different room. Them when your room looks smart, dispose of the rest at the Thrift Store, sell on line  www. ebay or ( put your own town in here) Even free on

Voila, a smart, easy to clean room that is comfortable, functional and easy to clean. And sometimes, a couple of comfortable chairs are easier to arrange for conversation that a clumpy old chesterfield.

That is all the energy I have for today.... MORE DE-CLUTTERING TO DO.

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