Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pale light through the window

The sun, when we see it, is very low on the horizon. And the light shines through the windows in a pale reflection of it's strength.
I live on the very West Coast of Vancouver Island. As my son says, "If we go any further west, we get wet".

Most of my children are scattered, I have several in the oil patch in the Peace River. The temperature can get to minus 50. I have one in Alberta, and several within 100 miles of home.

Big Changes for the middle son and his family.

 After 20 years of battling the ice roads in the far North, they have sold their lovely home on the Peace River and are moving to Smithers.My son sold his truck and all his equipment and is starting a new career with more time for his family.

It is still as far from me, but in a different direction. I may have to become a summer Gypsy.

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