Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Machine Knit Club Launched

What a bust week. I have neglected my poor blog.

I went to a meeting Wednesday.

 Thusday we went to our spinning group and met some lovely new fibre that Wendy Mitchel had brought home for her recent European sojourn.

The tops were over 12 inches long and then the bottom was a very cause but prolific shorter fibre

. I know Wendy's speed of knitting and I would bet hands down on Wendy.

We sat and had a giggle while Wendy and i tried to assemble her new to her Ultimate sweater Maker.
The Ultimate part was putting it together.
Two of us plus reading the manual and we succeeded.

I note it made it beginnings in Knit shops at price near $300. Later to chain stores for $200 and now is in T.r us.

I received the following announcement which is note worthy. Please read.

In conjunction with the annual Consider The Lilies Fibre Art Show and Sale at the Heritage Church....(St. Mary the Virgin in Metchosin).....the Parish is re starting an old tradition of having a Lily Luncheon......this will be held at the big church (same parish) St. Mary of the Incarnation ....4125 Metchosin Road....opposite the Golf course.
The Fibre Art Show and Sale at Metchosin Heritage Church..will run Saturday, April 14 -22.....but
the Lily Luncheon will be Saturday, April 14 from 11:00 to 2:00 pm at 'the big church"
The lilies at the Heritage church are in full bloom right now and showing their usual amazing display. 

Friday we started our new Machine knitting club, which is yet unnamed.
Giselle has some technical problems that need to be addressed before next meeting on the First Friday in May.
patty-anne was running around  looking for tables and stands, and thinks she has that licked for next meeting.
Leanne was whizzing away on her bulky Brother making a fan lace scarf that is demonstrated on Youtube.
[tn_DSCF0003.JPG]And Joanne was busy falling in love with her immaculate Toyota 950.
We find we are needing  several  cast on combs. If any one has any extra, please speak up.
We found that we could download the manuals for free for most machines at

Remember machine under the bed knitters, the two main things to check on your machine is the sponge bar, and oiling it. 

Use a good quality machine oil.
So lets see our numbers swell bring those beautiful machines out from under the bed, out in the back hall or down in the basement and lets hear then sing.

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