Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Coaching

Life coaching is not anything other  than giving yourself permission to reach down inside yourself, and find the things that keep you from reaching your full potential.
 So being as Spring is coming, lets deal with some of the areas that we can Spring  Clean in your life.

A session helps a person decide what three units or modules they want to to deal with first.

The usual areas as followed, but many more areas can be add.

 Short course like a life check up is especially handy every 3 to 5 years. This keeps you current and refreshes your outlook on life.

If you are entering the work force or a new job, coaching can help you in many ways, Even how to conduct an interview for your new job. Yes you do have to interview a prospect employer. Are they where you want to work or are you just settling.

Life Coaching

This is a roadmap of your life and parts we want to visit and explore. 
We hope to develop skills that you can use to enhance the journey and give you tools to take control and give you control over your own path.
We are not re-inventing you. We are developing your own unique personality

Areas of Appreciation

Investmens and financial planning    

1.)    Lump sum money!
2.)    RRSP many.
3.)    Savings
4.)    School costs children
5.)    Spending
6.)    Debt reduction.

Personal Growth.

1.)    Define dreams and goals. Are they different?
2.)    Prepare yourself for change.
3.)    Learn to communicate.
4.)    Reading.
5.)    New Interest.
6.)     Discussion group.
7.)     What is deadwood in your life

                   Getting Rid of the Deadwood

1.) De clutter your relationships
2.) De clutter your home (take it easy. We can’t do it all in a day)
              3.)  De clutter your car
    4.) De Clutter your computer

Be Selfish.
1.)     Cannot move ahead dragging the past with you.
2.)    Developing tools to lay the past to rest.
3.)    Time management
  4.)   Make time for your family
  5.)   Make time for your significant other
              6.)  Make time for yourself 
                   Paper work Critical 

1.) Draw up debt list

             2.) Consolidate debt where advantageous.
a.)    Lower interest rates on credit cards. And eliminate all but one with lower interest.
b.)    The limit on that one.
c.)     Use for emergency use only.

3.) How to pay down debt
4.) Draw up a will
5.) Draw up a living will

            Personal Image

1.)    Update your image to reflect what you want out of life.

2.)    Update make up or hair style

3.)    What do you not like about yourself?

4.)    What are you prepared to do about it?

5.)    Clothes make a man or a woman.

6.)    Lets look at wardrobe or what not to wear

7.)    What a bit of cosmetic enhancement? Almost instant age defeating changes that give a youth and confidence lift.

                    Mental Gymnastics

It has been said that if you know 5 authors 5 artist, 5 statesmen and 5 current events, you can hold a conversation with anyone.
1.)     Reading
2.)    Writing
3.)    Art Appreciation
4.)    Performing Arts
5.)    Entertainment
6.)    Current Affairs
7.)    Learning to speak  introductions, ice breakers, and proper English
8.)    Fashion in the home

Practical Work with others

1.)    Entertain planning menu and picking out wine invite  2 other couples or group of singles
2.)    Start or join a discussion group or public speaking group
3.)    Plan a tour i.e. Wine, Art, Museums
4.)    Write a small biography
5.)    Write a small fiction
6.)    Read 4 books (not pocket novels. unless they are also in hardcover). Let’s look at the library.
7.)    Interview a person and find out where they are from, what they do for employment, what they hope to achieve. But don’t make them feel interviewed. 
8.)    Develop the are of really listening


1.)    Fear of failure.
2.)    Who are you doing it for?
3.)    What are you expectations
4.)    Fear of looking foolish.
5.)    Fear of losing what is familiar.
6.)    Discouragement of friends.
7.)    You can do it yourself (so Why haven’t you?)
8.)    Are you good enough?
9.)    Is this vain?

 Over the next couple of weeks, we will explore some of these areas and talk about tool you can use to enhance your self and your attitude and demeanor.

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