Monday, January 16, 2012


Honestly, you just survive one crisis and another starts.

I am being help hostage by 4 raccoon. They have decided their night time 

residence is a tree 4 feet from my door.

I cannot let my dog out in the yard I have 
fenced for her. I have to take her on a

walk to another area and let her do her 
thing, many times a night.
 Then these bandits pillage all the garbage cans  in the  park, no matter how secure we make them.
I phoned the wildlife experts and they say
they are not on the dangerous animals list 
( they should meet my 4 hissing growling bunch)

I have to hire a trapper. The cost is $75 for the trap and $125 for each trapped
animal. So now we are up to $575.
 and he keeps the pelts
Wildlife say I can trap and but not relocate , they have to be destroyed. Sure I will
 put my gardening gloves on an wring it's neck.

So I have given up the simple pleasures of  feeding my birds, and my son is being a

 pain in the butt, as a creature lover, he wants them around and see's no problem

 with me and the dog in the snow 6 or 7 times a night in the darn, frozen road.
 I am  scared of falling after last years problems of falling and three broken ribs.

Maybe I should put them on ebay.... folks will buy anything there.

If anyone has a live trap, please let me know.


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