Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Signs of Spring

I drove to Happy Valley Road today.

 As I drove, I felt the soft touch of the sunshine on my face. After months and months of rain, what a welcome kiss.

It is warmer there than here in the shadow of the mountain, where I call home.

 I live close to Malahat Mountain and get the cold winds from the mountain itself reinforced by the winds off of the ocean.

 The tips of the trees are pale green, just a few more
days and they will burst forth with their leaves uncoiling from the buds that encloses them for the moment.

The wild roses has huge red hips, bursting with vitamin C waiting to be picked and boiled. They are huge red orbs in the green bushes.

Lambs have been dropped and are nuzzling at the bellies of their parent looking for the milk that will nourish them and then they will grow up, and in due time,give up their fleece to fibre junkies like me.
Skunk cabbage, one of my favorite signs of Spring, is blooming as proud and as beautiful as the finest lily.

The slow sign in the picture of the blossoms is perhaps a reminder to all "slow down" and enjoy the approaching season instead of trying to push it through to summer.

As I came to clearings in the woods, I find no houses but the reminder that a home once stood there.

The apple tree is blooming, the daffodils are in clumps and putting forth in their yellow petty coats and their green gowns.

 There are wood violets and crocus, spreading from gardens untended now and keeping their secret of whose hands tenderly cared them and what their story was.

My mission in going to happy Valley Road, was to attend the Knitting Cafe.

 A hand knit club of ladies with the one token male, are all knitting with various degrees of skill.

It is another fine example of how the older people in the community, foster the learning of the younger women.

All clacking along with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoying just the glow of the friendship that is abundantly given.

The older I get,the more I admire the generous spirits of women

. And with each passing Spring, I appreciate the part of the world we live in.

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