Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Special Family

It was in 1981 that I answered a call from a concerned relative to come and see her nephews.

She had been unable to contact them and was concerned.

I was a crisis worker at the time and certainly these boys were in crisis.

Their Dad was away working and the boys had been left to** the tender mercies** of the other principal residents in the home.

This was a co parenting home that was supposed to be supportive of the single dad and his three sons.

I found three youngsters 3, 5 and 6, dirty, hungry and frightened.

The **caring adults**. Had been away 2 days and left the boys alone in an old house with the fridge ties up.

Their was a rope off area to their bed, the bathroom and a small sitting area.There was a jug of water available.

I picked up the boys and took them their aunt to talk about the situation. She fed them and I took them home.

When the father returned I refused to give him back his children.

Time and circumstanced passed and I gave the dad visiting privilege. It is a long involved story, enough to say it was not the fathers fault. he was caught in a trap and was as much a victim as the boys. With no other alternatives that he could find, he felt he could not escape.

Human Resources would not help him find reliable help for his little family unless he gave up custody of his kids.

Over time, the boys stayed with me and flourished. They attended my church and each in turn accepted Christ as their savior.

As time passed Jim and I fell in love and eventually married Mar 23 1983.

I have been mom ever since. The middle one tried to explain the relationship once and said, three of us are adopted, but I forget which ones.

Tomorrow will be the oldest will turn 39.

He still lives with me and cares for me, and helps me in a million ways.

The other two are so close to me, that I too forget which are by love and which are blood.

After Jim died, it seems some power knew he couldn't be here,so he gave my my three special sons. That make a total of 5 sons.

I want all of you, my sons, to know I love you. You are the greatest gift a woman can have.
Thank each of you, all five, for your special and unique person that you are.

And the bonus of this is I have gained 3 wonderful daughter. My boys married winners.
And then they produced families and gave me grandchildren to love.

I am proud of all my family and consider myself a very fortunate woman.

love mom

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