Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sensible Christmas.

Well, I am referring to my Ms. Minimalist post about Christmas.

I am having a guest or two for Christmas dinner. one who will bring me the jolly bird.  I will do vegetable, stuffing, gravy, smashed neeps and mashed potatoes for the main meal. As will as buns and butter, fresh cranberry and orange sauce, and beverage.
For desert I always ask do you want a pud or a trifle? Every year it is the trifle, hands down.
I do mine in  the Derbyshire manner.
First the sponge cake. A hot milk sponge works well here. Line the bottom and sides with thinly sliced cake.
Next dribble the juice of canned fruit salad. Then spoon the fruit up the sides and let it slide to the bottom.
Birds is the only custard powder that my mom would consider using. This is cooked quit thick, and then poured gently over the cake, spooning it up the sides.
In the fridge it goes over night. It has a lemon jello and a raspberry jello setting to keep it company.
Next day, each jello is mashed up to broken glass texture and put over the set custard, one colour, followed by the other... Now we whip cream Only a pinch of sugar goes in the cream  to give contrast to the  sweetness already in the bowl. THAT IS A DERBY TRIFLE.
Any whipped cream left can be handled in two ways. Whipped cream freezes amazingly well and used up to 2 months later. Being as my birthday is January, it is timely to save it for a classy dessert for me.
The other purpose is to whip it to butter and using it for the base of your short bread.

I have almost finished my Christmas knitting, spinning, felting and baking. Peanut brittle is an easy and welcome gift as is homemade poppycock.

I make almond brittle because my husband had a peanut allergy.
My recipe is simple and almost fool proof.
My friend Kathy, used to make Almond Brittle for Jim, because he had a serious peanut 
allergy. When she heard he had never enjoyed brittle, she wrote this recipe.It is excellent
 1/3 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbs.. corn syrup
1/2 cup nuts
Boil liquids and sugar until brown add nuts before this stage. Pour on greased foil .

I had hope to have a real Christmas tree this year. One in a pot I could bring in each year, but the price puts it in the no critical category list, so I think I will look for some windfall branches and bring these in for the smell of Christmas. The needles will be knitting needles, not pine needles.
So on to those needles to try and finish the sweater I am working on.

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