Saturday, December 24, 2011

The night before Christmas.

Well the time has evaporated as usual. The clock seems to work double time around this time of the year.

Not all my plans came to fruition.

John will get a couple of stocking stuffers and an IOU for the rest of his sweater.

Chelsea's new coat  may be finished for tomorrow to go under the tree.

Ewan's presents are wrapped and all John's grand kids have a parcel.

The girls got a blank page book with a hand felted cover. This is intended as a recipe book. I included a recipe box and printed out all our favorite family recipes.

Sadly Chris will not get a present under the free. I sent him 2 parcels  with Canada Post. I checked the tracking number and find one has been routed by error of Canada Post to White Horse. And it has been there for 4 days.

The second one has been sitting in Dawson Creek for 3 days due to a routing error. All were sent to Fort St. John.

I sent the by expedited post for $33 for a small box, and they get left in some wrong town and apparently  no one deals with them. Canada Post, I am not impressed.

I am finishing up some gifts for friends; a loaf of raisin bread, a jar of homemade peanut brittle and a set of dryer balls.

I got my wish for a fresh Christmas tree. My son got me an 8 inch high tree. So I got some coloured pompoms at the dollar glued some threads on them, and hung the miniatures balls on my miniature tree.

All the rest of the gifts are, much to my surprise, done.

I will look forward to hearing from my family members tomorrow.

Ewan will phone his Gram in New Zealand tonight ,and wish the family there Merry Christmas.

I have a gift list of over 20 people and I have spent less than $150.
 Having crafts and skills certainly pays off.

I like the home cooked food for seniors, it is not something they have to store.

My Daughter-in-law, sent packages and the usual very handy calender with family birthdays on the appropriate dates. I score double on this gift, because she put family pictures on the months pages.

It is nice to have a choice of what I want to do. I do not like deadlines. Each year I tell myself I will start sooner.

I wished you could smell my house right now. It is really yummy.

If I can keep out of the goodies, I may fit my clothes in 2012.

It is supper time now, then a quick clean up, a glass of something cheery, the fire going, my son in his chair and Chelsea snuggled up close to me on the couch.

So I guess there is only one thing to say;

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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